Product Summary

ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk (2020 Formula) SPF50+ PA++++
UV Filters:
Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, Uvinul A Plus, Titanium Dioxide, Parsol SLX & Tinosorb S Aqua.
  • Contains alcohol
  • Contains fragrance
  • Water Resistant
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Friction Resistant


Super late post! I didn't realize I never post about this sunscreen, despite being one of my frequently-used sunscreen.

As usual, my skin type is oily. I live in hot humid tropical country. These days the weather temperature is between 24-34°C, humidity ranging from 55-90%. It's been pretty good weather actually, sunny and less rain.

To see if you have the same version as mine, check on the back tube, it should have this label (highlighted in green box in the photo below)

パーフェクトUV スキンケアミルク a

パーフェクトUV スキンケアミルク a - notice the 'a'




It's a white fluid texture. Very easy to apply. Despite being fluid, it still has some viscosity. It's more viscous compared to Biore Athlizm Milk or Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk.


It has silicone-y finish to the touch. Some people find it's mattifying - but I find it's semi matte, at most for my oily skin. I don't use moisturizer at all in AM routine, so it's purely the sunscreen has such finish on me.

I don't find it balls up near hairline either.

White cast

It has white cast. Zinc oxide is high on the ingredient list, I understand it's using Nano Zinc Oxide, so it's not like casper-white level of cast, but it's there. It doesn't look obnoxious on me yet, but I don't recommend this if you have deeper skin tone.


It does contain fragrance. It smells fruity for me. The much older version has floral scent for my nose.


I don't find it pills with reapplication. But then, I don't wear make up or moisturizer with it. The white cast also intensifies.

Eye Stinging

I don't find this sting my eyes. I can use it on my eyelids without issue.




I applied the sunscreen on my left bare arm, took photos using UV camera (Sunscreenr). I let it set for roughly 30mins before taking the UV camera picture.

Initial application



It has milky texture, quite opaque white upon squirting it out, also has some viscosity.


Shine and White Cast

This has semi-matte finish on me. Silicone-y finish to the touch. When humidity is higher, this sunscreen will leave glowy finish on me. Otherwise, on drier / less humid days, I can wear as is, no need to powder at all.

It has white cast. I know many people said it doesn't, I guess they have lighter skintone. It leaves white cast on me. Not the worst, but it's there.

Shine and white cast


The sunscreen disperses evenly, as you can see from the picture below.


Rub Test and Removal

I rubbed a section near my fingers of my hand under running sink water for 15 seconds. To my surprise, the sunscreen still adheres pretty well.

The white cast intensifies upon contact with water. The cast can also rub onto object that it rubs againts. I notice sometimes my pants will have subtle white particles, though it goes away after washing the clothes in the laundry.

I used Biore Facial Foam Mild cleanser on wet skin and massaged it for 15 seconds and washed it off. There is still sunscreen remained, just slightly lesser than water-only removal.

Only after I use DHC Cleansing Oil then the sunscreen is properly removed.

Compared to its predecessor, it definitely has better adherence. I'm impressed.


Wear Test

I took some shots when I wore this sunscreen. At that point of time, I was still using tretinoin in nightly basis. Now I no longer use it and boy, my skin is less oily now. I digress.

On this swatch, I used my usual AM skincare underneath the sunscreen. This is what my usual AM routine looks like:

  • DHC Cleansing Oil
  • DIY - Niacinamide + Tranexamic acid serum in simple water and glycerin base
  • Finacea Gel
  • Benzac AC 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
  • Sunscreen of the day

I don't do any wait times. As the serum is my own concoction, I always make it very watery and leaves no emollient residue. By the time I apply my sunscreen, my face is hydrated, but not damp or wet for sure.

After taking off my mask, I took another shot. The mask wearing definitely rubbed off the sunscreen, as you can see below. Not a big deal, after reapplication, it's good as new.

Anessa Perfect UV Milk a



I enjoy this sunscreen a lot. I have gone through many bottles of it. The downside is the price. It costs SGD41.90 per 60ml bottle here. So I only get it when there's discount.

I have read that it's going to be reformulated this Feb 2022, excited for the new one! And that means, this 2020 formula would be going for discount (usually), even better news for me.





Disclaimer: I only use the UV camera to see if a sunscreen disperses an even layer (or patchy and spotty); and if I miss out a spot during application. It's not by all means to measure the sunscreen protection level. Got mine from It's compatible with android phone.