Who are you?

Just a nobody-special-sunscreen addict like many others. I enjoy trying out various of sunscreens that I can get hold of. 


Why do you create this website?

As I have accumulated a significant amount of sunscreens, there are many times I would like to filter which sunscreen doesn't contain ingredient-X. While it's doable with spreadsheet, I find it's too manual labour to do it, especially as my collection continues to grow. Thus, I built a small system to search for products that fit my submitted criteria for my own use. 

After building the small "sunscreen search" system, I thought why not add a small section  for myself to write the experience with the sunscreen, just a keepsake. As time goes on, I kept adding the "every little things" that make my life easier. Alas - this site is the product of my experimentation.


How do you get the content?

If it's a blog post, it's my personal experience on product review. I purchase the product by my own money. Excuse for the grammatical error, Grammar Nazis! Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any feedback.

If it's a product information page, I will try my best to source the official brand's press release / official website for the most accurate information. From time to time, I may self translate* non-English information so it can benefit the community. 

*I will only attempt to translate certain languages that I'm proficient of, obviously.

Disclaimer: This site is built at solely for providing general information regarding products. It's not to replace medical or professional advice. 

All text and graphic content on this site are copyrighted and intellectual property of me, unless otherwise stated, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission. Images taken from elsewhere are credited to their respective sources. I do not claim ownership over borrowed images and will oblige to the removal of any image at the request of the original copyright holder. Re-posting of stories/images in whole or in part is not allowed without express permission, even if it’s credited or linked back to chocosweet.club. 


I like that logo! 

Thank you! It's made by Chelsy Xu (mychelromance).

Do head over her social accounts here to support, or just to browse her amazing works! She's also open for art/design commissions.


Will you expand to add other skincare items (e.g. moisturizer, cleanser, serum, etc) eventually?

Probably. I am not a skincare junkie in a sense that I am not adventurous on trying out new cleanser, new moisturizer, new serum, etc. Having acne prone skin (which thankfully is under control) has detered me from trying out those shiny fancy new products, unfortunately. 


What is your skin profile?

I have oily skin. I live in sunny hot and humid equatorial climate. Finding a completely matte sunscreen has been proven difficult!


What is your skin care "must have"?

Currently I'm using a few actives to keep my acne under control, namely azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide and not-so-long tretinoin! Yes, I know, you must be thinking I have tough skin. Indeed I do feel my skin can take a lot of actives. 

Benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid are the 'must have' for me in terms of acne control. If I skip a week, I would get acne. Hopefully I can outgrow this acne condition soon!

And of course, sunscreen! 


Do you do sponsored content? Do you earn anything from this website?

No for both questions, I don't at the moment. All content posted here are written by me, products are purchased by my own money. I do not have any affiliate links. I do not earn anything from this site at the time of posting. I will update this section should the situation change.


I'm sure I have seen similar post somewhere in the internet. Are you sure this website content is original?

Oh, I'm sure you might find some of my posts familar, if you frequent Reddit ;)

I may have posted the content on Reddit under​​​​​ u/chocosweet handlername.


Why can't I comment on the blog posts?

It's an increase of liability if I open a commenting section. I do not wish to deal with sensitive information as of now. I might open it when the resource permits. Oh, that's also one of the reasons why I don't do "Contact Me" kind of form yet.

Trust me, it's a whole level of can of worms, since I have to abide with data protection laws across the globe (to name a few: GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, etc.).


How can I contribute?

Thank you for your kind gesture! Greatly appreciated. As I am uploading the product information using my own searching skill, the information may not be the most accurate.

It is greatly appreciated if you could feedback me accurate ingredient list should there be errors on my uploading. Or if you want me to add more products to benefit the community, feel free to send the product information to [email protected]