Product Description


Normon UV-cure is a moisturizing cream gel, ULTRA-PHOTOPROTECTIVE with a strong moisturizing, emollient and depigmenting action. It is indicated for subjects affected by photosensitivity, actinic keratosis, hyperpigmentation and photoaging. Whithout perfumes, dyes,petrolatum, gluten, octocrylene, cinnamate.
In the test does not present traces of metals such as Nickel and heavy metals. It is not comedogenic and is tested for use in the periocular areas.

SPF50+ UVAPF73.5 Water resistant

To use:

Apply the cream immediatelly before the exposition to the sun. In case of intense exposition renew the application every hour. In case of not intense exposure apply the product 2 \ 3 times a day.


Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. A sunscreen never provide total protection. It is not recommended to expose babies and children to direct contact with the solar radiation.
Avoid using the product in the eye area, In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly and immediatelly with fresh water.