Product Description

This ultimate* milk withstands sweat, water, sebum and friction,
and with the maximum UV protection factor* offers extended protection
from UVA and UVB rays. Prevents wrinkles and freckles
caused by exposure to the sun.

Adheres closely to the skin, making UV reduction effects last even longer.
Can even be used directly on wet skin after sweating or swimming in the ocean or a pool.

After we applied a fixed volume of product, we used a friction device to rub the area for a fixed
period of time. Then, we took a picture of the sun protection product with a UV camera.
(The round white area is the area that was rubbed.)

※Based on tests conducted by our company


Adheres closely to the skin, protecting the skin
from environmental stressors such as pollen,
dust, and dirt.

The water base almost melts into your skin, preventing dryness
or irritation without leaving white traces or stickiness.
It can also be used as a makeup base, improving the hold
of your foundation and keeping your makeup in place.