Product Description

Eucerin Actinic Control MD SPF 100 is a medical device with a high SPF (sun protection factor), specifically for the prevention of actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancer or as adjunctive treatment of actinic keratosis.

Actinic keratosis is a pre-cancerous skin disease on the rise, along with the non-melanoma skin cancer it may develop into. Sun-induced UV damage is one of its main causes – but by using the right sun protection, we can still enjoy everyday life outdoors.

An SPF 100 protects the skin against harmful UVB rays, meaning the skin accumulates less cell damage. The product also includes very-high UVA defense, to offer protection across the entire UV spectrum.

A light fluid application makes it suitable for everyday use and re-application for sunny days outdoors or when engaging in vigorous activities. Whether you are looking to prevent actinic keratosis, or use it as adjunctive treatment for the condition, you can be confident that you are well protected from the sun, free to enjoy your everyday activities.