Product Description

Formulated with World's First Anessa Triple Defense Technology and Auto Booster Technology - UV protection veil increases with Sweat, Water, Heat and Air Moisture!

*For Face & Body
*For all skin types
*Lightweight milk texture

Auto Booster Technology
Uniform and stronger UV protective veil when in contact with air moisture - addresses discomfort due to mask-wear

Thermo Booster Technology
UV protection spreads evenly under sun/heat achieving stronger UV protection with heat

Aqua Booster EX Technology
Stronger UV Protection when in contact with sweat or water

Friction resistant: Sunscreen stays on skin even with friction

Very Waterproof: Proven after 80 minutes in pool

50% Beauty Skincare ingredients: Prevents photoaging, contains beauty ingredients that prevents vasodilation and skin oxidation caused by UV rays

Colorant-free, Non-comedogenic & Dermatologist-tested

Washes off easily with soap or daily cleanser

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description