Product Description

Strong UV gel that fits freshly and comfortably on the skin.

UV protection veil strengthened with sweat or water! Its 50% skincare formulation gives a fresh and light feel of use with no stickiness.

Can be used as makeup primer and comes off easily with soap. It provides a refreshing fragrance of citrus soap.

Aqua Booster Technology

UV protection veil spreads more evenly when exposed to  sweat or water and becomes further stronger.


Its unique powder ingredient allows the fingers to slide smoothly, preventing UV protection veil from coming off easily.


  • Easily removable with soap
  • Super Water Proof - Water resistance proven by an 80-minute bathing test
  • Dewy and fresh gel with aqua touch
  • Sand Resistant – Prevent sand from sticking to the skin
  • Can be used as makeup primer
  • Refreshing fragrance of citrus soap
  • Colorant-free, allergy tested (it carries no guarantee that it won’t cause allergic reactions)