Product Description

Stick 8g
EAN : 3282770206210
ACL : 6153780

A-DERMA PROTECT X-TREM Invisible Stick SPF 50+ Very High Protection Stick, for localized fragile areas (including scars and tattoos) exposed to the sun. PROTECT against the harmful effects of UV (UVA/UVB) STRENGTHEN skin barrier SECURE your cells’ defences *. PATENTED** INNOVATIVE SUN CARE COMPLEX--the fruit of 7 years of research, Barriestolide®, derived from Rhealba® Oat Plantlet Oil, is used to strengthen fragile skin; A [Resist System]TM formula : Extra-Water resistant (1). Sweat-resistant (2). Fragrance-free. Face and Body. All family (from babies). *In vitro test **Patent pending (1) After 6 baths of 20 minutes (2) Consumer use test in ski and triathlon conditions.

98% Easy to apply* 
98% Transparent on the skin from the time of application* 
99% Skin protected**

* % satisfaction. Consumer use test in ski conditions carried out on 85 subjects during the total duration of a ski holiday (minimum 7 days)
** % satisfaction. Consumer use test in triathlon condition carried out on 97 subjects for 28 days. Results at D28