Product Description

Protect AC SPF 50+ Very High Protection Mattifying Fluid was specifically developed and tested for acne-prone skin. In addition to protecting against the harmful effects of UV, it strengthens unbalanced skin barriers and secures your cells’ defences against UVA**. It contains Glutamic acid to reduce excess sebum and has a “dry-feel” texture rich in mattifying powders for a non-greasy and no-shine appearance. For oily to acne-prone skin, a targeted solution is required, and sun filters are just not enough.

PATENTED* INNOVATIVE SUN CARE COMPLEX--the fruit of 7 years of research, Barriestolide®, derived from  Rhealba® Oat Plantlet Oil, is used to strengthenthe skin barrier of fragile skin**.
Combined with a patented filtering system* with only 4 filters, it protects fragile skin from UV. Water resistant.


Teenagers, adults

Acne-prone skin

* Patent pending
** In vitro test.