Hello everyone. I was checking my new sunscreen A'pieu Soo Boo Ji SPF coverage under my sunscreenr this morning, so I thought why not put a post of it. (and a few of kind redditors actually did request it), so here we go:

How I swatch: since I'm indoor and have tinted glass, I can't really do a good swatch.So I took out my nail gel manicure UV Lamp, put my arm underneath it and took photos with sunscreenr.


Left to right:

  • Biore Athlizm Milk SPF50+ PA++++
  • La Roche Posay Shaka Fluid (or Insivible Fluid) SPF50+
  • Boots Soltan Protect & Moisture Kids Spray
  • Purito Centella Green Level Unscented

Left to right:

  • Ultrasun Tinted Ivory (thin layer)
  • Ultrasun Tinted Ivory (thick layer)
  • EVY Kids Mousse
  • Loreal UV Perfect Matte and Fresh SPF50 PA++++
  • Biore UV Oil Control Base SPF50 PA++++
  • Canmake Mermaid UV Gel SPF50 PA++++
  • A'pieu Soo Boo Ji Cotton SPF50 PA++++
  • Anessa Perfect Milk (2018 version) SPF50 PA++++

Left to right:

  • Skinfood Sunflower No Sebum Gel SPF50 PA++++
  • Avene Cleanance SPF50
  • Burnout Face and Body (zinc oxide) SPF30
  • Paula Choice Resists (zinc oxide) SPF30
  • EltaMD Physical (zinc oxide and titanium oxide)

Top: Skinfood Sunflower No Sebum Gel SPF50+ PA++++

Bottom Left to right:

  • Avene Dry Touch Fluid SPF50+
  • Ultrasun Anti Age Formula (old formulation)
  • La Roche Posay Shaka Fluid
  • BurnOut Face and Body

Not in the swatch; but these sunscreens below also have pitch black swatches under sunscreenr. But I no longer have them so I can't swatch them out today.

  • A-derma Protect AD Cream SPF50+
  • A-derma Protect AC Mattifying Fluid SPF50+
  • Ultrasun Extreme SPF50+
  • Ultrasun Family SPF30
  • Oriflame Sweden Sun Zonne SPF50+
  • Biore Athlizm Essence SPF50+ PA++++
  • Klairs UV Airy Essence SPF50+ PA++++

Some observations:

  • When I underapply sunscreen (usually on my arm), it won't turn out as dark as compared to when I put thickly on my arm.For example, I spread 1mg on small area vs 1mg on wider area; the smaller area tends to have darker swatch under sunscreenr, so don't under apply
  • All of the sunscreens mentioned above aren't patchy at all. Well, unless I want to be that strict, maybe the pure mineral ones, since they can't be seen as clearly under sunscreenr, they can look more patchy.
  • All sunscreens that have avobenzone in it will swatch up darker


A kind redditor told me that sunscreenr is very biased with UVA1. You can check out the comment here.

Basically I only use the sunscreenr to check the coverage (does it apply patchy; or if I miss any spot).


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