Howdy everyone! 

I finally emptied Cerave Resurfacing Retinol serum and Lits Shape Moist Lotion. I got them in Aug 2020 - and been using them religiously every night. They actually last a long time, so they were good buys.

Let's get into the mini reviews!



I have oily facial skin, and normal body skin. I live in hot humid tropical country. I never have dry skin issue. 

Disclaimer: the products are not sponsored and are bought by my own money. Reviews are based on my own skin type and experience, and not influenced by any parties. It may or may not work for everyone, as skincare is a "your mileage may vary" situation.


Cerave Resurfacing Retinol Serum

What it is?

This is a beginner friendly (imo) retinol serum. This is packaged in an airless pump bottle. It's greenish gel texture. It absorbs fast without residue on me. 

I don't detect any strong fragrance, but there's definitely a chemical-y smell to it.

It claims to target post acne marks and texture smoothing; frankly I'm using it just for general anti aging for my neck. I use tretinoin nightly on my face, but I'm unable to use tretinoin on my neck, hence I opt for retinol for sensitive area.

How do I use it?

I use this on my neck, every single night. I never get any irritation from it. I use it on top of the Lits Shape Moist Lotion, without any moisturizer afterwards. My neck never feels sticky or dehydrated or irritated with this product, even with nightly usage.

Do I see any result?

I definitely noticed my neck skin is brighter and its texture is smoother when I use it religiously.

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Ironically, I thought my neck is ready for tretinoin 0.02% after finishing the bottle, but alas, after trying the tretinoin cream for 3 nights, my neck got irritation, especially on the horizontal neck lines. I guess the tretinoin got collected or trapped in it and causing irritation. I managed to calm the irritation in 2~3 days with La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume, so there's that. 

Nevertheless, I have new bottle of Cerave Resurfacing Retinol serum in the mail today!

Obligatory mentions: make sure to wear sunscreen should you decide to use a retinol product, as it can increase sun senstivity.


Lits Shape Moist Lotion

What it is?

It's categorized as moisturizer in the official website, however I use this like a hydrating toner. I bought this due to the interesting ingredient blends. Rarely do I see "ectoine" included in products; I only notice "ectoine" is included in most Ultrasun sunscreen range.

It has similar viscosity and color as Hada Labo Premium Gokujyun Lotion if you are familar with that. It's definitely not a thin liquidy toner. It has some 'body' and thickness to it. I don't find it's sticky whatsoever if I use appropriate amount. 

Scent wise, I would say it doesn't smell pungent or flowery or anything like that. Just smell neutral, I would say it's the original scent of the ingredients. 

How do I use it?

I pour few drops on my palm and pat it on my face, neck and body. It's definitely hydrating and calming. 

I don't regularly use it on my face, as I prefer to have less steps on my face. However, I use this on my neck and body every night. 

Do I see any result?

Yes! I do use this on my face when it feels irritated or dehydrated. It definitely boosts my face hydration level!

For my body, I noticed my arms and feet skin texture has improved and it has improved the tone as well; not that I had that serious sun damage or tan to begin with, but I definitely notice the color on my arms are much more even toned. 

Will I repurchase?

Yes, absolutely! However, I haven't repurchased it now, as I'm trying out other toner from Purito range. I also still have my Hada Labo Premium Shirojyun Lotion that contains tranexamic acid (this is also a repurchase by the way). 


That's it from me today. It's a non sunscreen related post, but I do hope it's helpful for people considering to try these products.